Many courses have Instructor Resources available in the BLC. To view your course resources, log in to the

Bridgeway Learning Center. Course Resources are available in the parent and student logins.

Course Resources support the course in the following ways:

  • Provide a PDF digital copy of the course pacing
    • The pacing included on this digital guide will resemble the weekly pacing included in the live online course to include homeschool instructor prompts to support student learning and extension (optional) activities that provide additional practice, mastery, a deeper understanding, or connection to other disciplines
  • Provide external resources to promote practice, mastery, a deeper understanding, or connection to other disciplines for course content
  • Provide graphic organizers to promote note-taking and kinesthetic engagement
  • Provide answer keys for daily assignments
  • Alternative assessments are provided for many courses as an option to publisher assessments, each including a project rubric evaluation tool
  • Provide links to interactive lessons on that promote practice, mastery, a deeper understanding, and/or connections to other disciplines for course content

Click on course resources to view courses that have availble resources for you


Click on the course name to display available resources

You will see two columns of resources. The Day column correlates to the instructor guide for the course. The resources correlate to the skills and topics you are learning on that day.

  1. External Resources: Links to external websites that will help you learn to explore a topic further.
  2. Elephango Resources: Links to resources from our trusted partner, Elephango. These are lessons for students with downloadable content, interactives, and much more!
    • Clicking a link to an Elephango lesson will take you to the lesson page on the Elephango website. You do NOT need to purchase an Elephango subscription to access the lesson.
    • Students will only have access to the select Elephango lessons included in the course resources. If you wish to have access to Elephango's full library of lessons, talk to your advisor about purchasing discounts or email the Elephango team at