A self-paced course is a course that is delivered by Edgenuity. Your courses are monitored and supported by a Bridgeway grading teacher or a Bridgeway Academic advisor. Learn about the Edgenuity student experience by watching the video below.

Accessing Your Edgenuity Courses

Accessing your Edgenuity self-paced courses is easy. Simply log in to the Bridgeway Learning Center and select the orange ClassLink button at the top of the page. Click on the Edgenuity self-paced icon on your ClassLink launchpad to log in to Edgenuity.

After logging in to Edgenuity, click on the course you wish to work on.

Here are some other tools you will want to use:

  1. Tracking your progress in Edgenuity
  2. Using the Assignment Calendar
  3. How Many Quiz Attempts Do I Have?
  4. Reviewing a Quiz or Test Attempt
  5. Edgenuity Student Manual