Valuable online resources are available for each course included in a Grade Level Kit. To access these resources you will need to login to your Bridgeway Learning Center account at If you purchased your kit directly from Bridgeway Academy, you will receive an email with your login credentials and the course resources will be populated in the account. If you purchased your kit from Curriculum Express, you will need to create your account. Your kit includes a postcard with instructions on creating your account and adding your course resources.

Purchased Grade Level Kit from

If you purchased your Grade Level Kit from Curriculum Express, please watch the video below. If you purchased from Bridgeway Academy's website, please scroll down to that section.

To create your account, navigate to and select Curriculum Express option.

The login screen is displayed. If you have previously created your account, enter your username and password. If this is your first time here, select the option to create an account.

After logging in, the Course Resources page is displayed. Here is where you enter your course codes contained on the postcard you received with your order or printed on the inside of the Instructor Guide for each course.

Click the Add Course button to add each course to your student's account. Switch students to add a course to a different student account. You can also add another student from this page or edit an existing student.

To view the resources for a course resource, click the play button next to each course.

Elephango Access for Premium Prek Kit. If you purchased the premium PreK kit you will see a prompt to create your free Elephango account after you enter your PreK course code.

Purchased from Bridgeway Academy website?

If you purchased your Grade Level Kit through the Bridgeway website, your account and courses are already created and assigned. As indicated in the "Get Started" email you received with your account credentials, visit and login with the Parent username and password. Select the Bridgeway option and then login with the Parent username and password sent to you in the getting started email.

Here's where you find your course code: