Textbook Courses

We offer textbook courses for students from Pre-K through twelfth grade. These textbook options come in a variety of publishers and formats, meaning we have something for everyone. If enrolled in a Textbook course, you receive your curriculum directly from Bridgeway Academy with all the items you need for a successful school year. Additional materials for your student’s courses can be viewed in Moodle. Your student can view these by logging in to their Bridgeway Learning Center account and clicking on the course title. Once in the course, it is important to review the resources available, including the Instructor Guide. This guide will help you stay on track for the school year, as well as provide additional activities you can try with your student. Additionally, students in Grades Five through Twelve have the option to take their course quizzes and tests online. This eliminates the need for parental grading of tests and test submissions.

Parents are responsible for the following:

  • Presenting the course material to your student.
  • Reviewing and grading completed coursework, including writing assignments, lab experiments, workbook questions, and paper-based quizzes and tests.
  • Scanning and uploading any paper-based quizzes and tests, as well as any required writing assignments, to their specific course within Moodle.
  • Notifying your advisor if you find a testing error has occurred.
  • Reaching out to your advisor if you find you are struggling to present a concept, find the curriculum is not the right fit, or just need guidance throughout the school year.

Advisors are responsible for the following:

  • Providing guidance, support, and encouragement throughout the school year.
  • Reviewing and grading completed online tests for accuracy.
  • Providing grading assistance for writing assignments.
  • Reviewing submitted materials at the end of each semester and providing feedback on your student’s progress.
  • Checking in with your family and student on a quarterly basis. More frequent check-ins are provided upon request to meet your individual family’s needs. Since each curriculum has its own unique layout and requirements, be sure to speak with your advisor about the expectations for the curriculum your student is using.