All of the content in the Reading section is released to you when the course is assigned. Review the content at your course level or visit previous levels to review previous course content. 

Extended activities are available from the Extended Activity tab. Two types of Extended Activities are available and are described below:

Stories- Stories are just that, a story that is written and narrated by native speakers of the language you're learning. You can listen and read along at the same time, or record yourself reading the story and listen back to see how you did. Stories offer broader exposure to your new language in a wide range of entertaining pieces—read poetry, take a tour of a city, or hear about a family's work on their farm. For high school credit, students must complete each of the stories provided within each unit of their course. The length of each story and the number of stories within each unit varies. 

  •  When you select a story, you will be asked to set up your headset, and then you can select from three modes: Read, Listen, and Record.
  • Bridgeway recommends that you spend approximately 20 minutes with each story depending on the story's length and difficulty. Longer and more difficult stories will require a longer time commitment. During the time you spend on the stories, you should aim to work through the three modes and reflect on each story. See the tips below for how you might want to spend your time to get the most out of each story!
    • Consider SLOWLY reading, listening to, and recording yourself speaking each story - maybe even more than once! This slow pace and repeated practice helps you with comprehension and precision in pronunciation.
    • Consider taking notes on the stories in a language journal.  Summarize the story - what do you think the story is about?
    • Consider reflecting on the experience of reading, listening, and speaking in your language journal. Was any mode harder to complete than another? Did you stumble over any words when speaking? Were there any words you weren't familiar with that you need to look up within one of the lessons? How might you use something you learned from the story in your interactions with others in the next week?
  • Following the above suggestions will give you a rich experience with each story, increasing what you learn and retain. 

Audio Companion- the Audio Companion, which can be downloaded and played offline on any MP3-capable audio device, enables you to practice course-content anytime—even while on the go. Use Audio Companion to practice pronunciation, vocabulary, phrases and other aspects of your language—wherever and whenever!

  • The Audio Companion is designed for convenient, hands-free learning. Whether you’re at home, traveling, or even in line at the grocery store, learning is easy—just plug in your ear buds and soak up the fun!
Time spent using the Audio Companion is not tracked in Rosetta Stone reports. For the required experience with Extended Activities, please use the Stories activity.