All of the content in the Reading section is released to you when the course is assigned. Review the content at your course level or visit previous levels to review previous course content. Games and activities are not all unlocked when you first access your course. You will need to unlock them by completing some Level 1 content. If you are at level one, this is easy, but if you are starting at a higher level - you will need to go back to level one to complete this content. There are 5 games

  1. Buzz Bing
  2. Picari
  3. Bubble Mania
  4. Membo
  5. Prospero

3 games are unlocked after you complete Lesson 1. Complete Lesson 2 to release Buss Bingo and complete Lesson 4 to release Prospero. This video explains this process: 

Releasing Rosetta Stone Extended Learning Games from Bridgeway 

Academy on Vimeo.