Deciding to pursue collegiate level sports is one of the biggest decisions a student-athlete will make during their high school career. This is why it is vital that you discuss your NCAA options with your advisor during your initial conversation. Even if you are not sure if you will be pursuing NCAA, you should still alert your advisor to the possibility. It is best to err on the side of caution than to try to play catch up in your junior year and fall short. In order to make sure you are prepared to pursue NCAA Eligibility, there are some things you will need to keep in mind while being enrolled with Bridgeway Academy.

Program Options

We have two programs in which the NCAA athlete can enroll. The first is our Total Care Textbook program. For NCAA purposes, this program falls under our Bridgeway Academy Umbrella Program (850955). This program is listed as 'cleared' on the NCAA portal which means we are able to upload the student's transcript directly to NCAA. Students will still need to go through the homeschool review process, submitting Core Course Worksheets, Core Course Addendums, a Homeschool Statement, and various other documents at the rest of NCAA. For this reason, we strongly advise that students in this program retain copies of all school work completed each year in the event that NCAA requests to view the student's work. 

The second program is our Elite Program through Edgenuity Instructional Services. This falls under our Bridgeway Academy Program (390031). This program is listed as 'Extended Evaluation' on the NCAA portal. Students in this program will also be up for review of their individual work while in this program. All courses must be completed through Edgenuity and all submissions will come directly from Edgenuity to NCAA. As of the 2016-17 school year, students are no longer eligible to use our Compass Learning online program.

Requirements for Both Programs

There are multiple requirements that students will need to keep in mind while working on their school work. These requirements are dictated by NCAA and leave very little room for adjustments so it is vital that you and your student understand the expectations before beginning either program. Your Bridgeway Advisor will work with you throughout the year to ensure you are following these guidelines.

  1. Students must complete all core courses within a four year high school period. Students may take a couple high school level courses in eighth grade, however, once they enter ninth grade, they have eight semesters in which to complete their high school career.
  2. Students must complete 16 core courses before the end of the senior year. Ten of those core courses need to be completed by the end of their junior year, seven of which should be English, math, and natural/physical science courses. Required core courses are as follows:
    • 4 English 
    • 3 Math (Algebra I or higher) 
    • 2 years natural/physical science (lab if possible) 
    • 2 years social science (social studies) 
    • 1 additional year English, Math or Science 
    • 4 additional years English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Comparative religion or philosophy 
  3. Students cannot use credit recovery courses for NCAA eligibility. Additionally, students cannot double up on their English, Math, Science, or Foreign Language courses. For example, a student cannot take both English I and English II at the same time. They must complete one before starting the other.
  4. All coursework must be completed in a timely manner. NCAA defines this as no less than 12 weeks for a semester course and no more than 36 weeks for a full year course. Students are provided with 18 weeks/150 calendar days to complete each semester. Extensions of up to two weeks can be provided in extenuating circumstances but should not be expected.
  5. Students must complete 100% of all coursework. This means that students are unable to skip even one assignment in the online or textbook programs. Please plan accordingly to ensure your student has the time to complete all assignments.
  6. NCAA cares about the quality of the work being completed and therefore requires a minimum GPA in all core courses of 2.3 or higher. However, students should be mindful that they couple this with the students SAT/ACT score. Basically, the lower your GPA, the higher they expect your test scores to be. You can read more about test scores here.
  7. NCAA students are limited to no more than three test and quiz retakes. This means that students need to thoroughly prepare for all tests and quizzes prior to taking them as they will have few chances to retake them. If a student fails a test or quiz, they should revisit the lessons leading up to that assessment prior to retaking the test or quiz. We reserve the right to further limit retakes if we notice a student is not properly preparing for these assessments.

Requirements for Elite Program

  1. Edgenuity courses run on a semester basis and are broken into sections A and B. Much like different levels of English courses cannot be taken at the same time, different sections of these courses cannot be taken at the same time. Therefore, if a student needs to continue English IA in the second semester, they cannot also take English IB. This could affect the student as they strive to complete all coursework by the end of the semester. It is very important to remain on track with assignments to avoid this situation.

Requirements for Textbook Program

  1. Students will need to complete Core Course Addendums in addition to their coursework. These are additional projects or writing assignments that help add to the student's program and help demonstrate learning. We recommend completing one per quarter. Do not wait until the end of the school year to complete all four assignments. Documents are provided by your advisor upon enrollment in your courses.
  2. All coursework should be retained in the event that NCAA requests to see examples. It is the parent's responsibility to retain this information.
  3. Core course worksheets will need to be prepared and presented for all core courses completed each year. If courses are completed through Bridgeway Academy using curriculum we provided, we will prepare these documents for you. If you elect to use your own curriculum, you will be responsible to prepare these forms.
  4. Your advisor will select courses based on curriculum that has been previously approved, however, it is important to note that we cannot guarantee NCAA approval of these courses. Some examples of curriculum we have used with success in the past are found below:
    • ACE (Accelerated Christian Education)
    • AOP (Alpha Omega Publications- not SOS)
    • BJUP (textbook, not DVD or Online) 
    • Paradigm (English only)
    • Apologia 
    • Saxon
    • Write Source 
    • Pearson-Out of Many
    • Mr. D Math (with live Component only)


As a homeschool academy, we understand the importance of providing flexibility for you and your student-athlete. Unfortunately, in order to obtain a cleared status for both programs, we do need to adhere to the requests of NCAA. It is important that our student-athletes and their parents understand their part in ensuring the student is meeting the requirements outlined above as it directly affects their eligibility. If we find that a student is not adhering to the outlined requirements, we may need to take action leading to the student being withdrawn.