Windows Live Hotmail's spam filtering options are great, and they can send a lot of the spam you'd usually find in your Windows Live Hotmail Inbox to the Junk folder automatically. But the filters are not perfect and might catch an important message now and then by mistake. As a precaution, you can add known senders to the Safe senders list. Hotmail will never regard mail from a sender on this list as spam. To do so:

  • Select Options then More Options from the Windows Live Hotmail toolbar.
  • Follow the Safe and blocked senders link under Preventing junk email.
  • Click Safe senders.
  • Type the email address or domain you want to put on the Safe senders list in the Sender or domain to mark as safe: entry field.
  • Click Add to list.

This should allow all emails from the domain, (in our case), to pass through the spam filter.