Display Scaling is a feature built into modern operating systems that is designed to make items easier to read on higher-resolution screens. However, sometimes these settings can have an adverse effect on content you are trying to view. There are ways to turn off this feature if your content is stuck running off the screen. Before we mess with the display settings, let's make sure the zoom on your browser is set properly. On any browser on a PC, press the Ctrl Button and the button at the same time. This will reset the Zoom on the browser to 100%. If you are on a Mac, press Cmd and 0. If that does not help, please follow the next steps: 


  • Right-click on the desktop and select "Display Settings."
  • Once in the menu, you will see a slider or a drop-down that says, "Change the size of text, apps, and other items."


  • Please make sure this option is set to 100%.
  • Select the "Apply" button or press "Save Changes." 
  • Restart the computer for the settings to fully take effect.


  • Open System Preferences, then select the Display tab.
  • Change the option from "Best for display" to "Scaled."


  • Select one of the options closer to the "More Space" side of the window.
  • Restart your web browser and make sure that the content is now displayed properly.