Through our partnership with Pillar College, Ohio Christian University, and the American Council on Education, Bridgeway Academy’s online College Now! program is quickly becoming a favorite among homeschoolers. High school juniors and seniors are completing the requirements for graduation while at the same time earning fully accredited college credits (3 credits per course)! By planning ahead, Bridgeway can help position middle and high school students for college-level courses early in their high school careers. This is a natural lead-in to our dual enrollment opportunities, where students can earn both college and high school credits for the same advanced courses. With College Now! terms offered year-round, you can create a truly customized school year and allow your student to accelerate right into college.

These online college courses allow students to interact with highly qualified professors and other students as they complete the requirements for each class. At the end of each term, students will receive one high school credit and three college credits for each successfully completed course.

If your student is interested in pursing the dual enrollment program, talk to your advisor in your freshman and sophomore years to ensure your student is put on the right track. Your advisor will be able to provide feedback on which courses are recommended and where to take the credit through. Below is a list of available courses.