Your advisor will work with you to establish a prescribed program for graduation. The program will vary, depending upon such factors as the student’s previous course of study, academic achievement and ability, and future plans.  When all essential information is received, the staff will recommend a course of study and a diploma program. This program will be presented for approval to the parents. The following are types of diploma programs: Technical, Academic, College Preparatory, NCAA, and Honors.

Students who are capable should follow the College Preparatory course of study. Some qualified students will choose to pursue a less demanding program, insisting they have no plans to enroll in college. However, these students frequently change their minds, and then regret not having prepared themselves better for college. A Bridgeway Academy academic advisor will prepare a projection toward graduation when your student enters High School. A sample projection is shown below:

Bridgeway Academy is happy to be able to offer a diploma as tangible evidence of completion of high school training. You, too, can join alumni who have gone on to college or vocational activities. Diplomas are awarded only to those students who successfully complete the required high school courses for graduation through Bridgeway Academy. The National Association of Private Schools accredits Bridgeway Academy. Our CEEB Code is 390031. We are recognized by the Department of Education of Pennsylvania to issue a diploma. We are also accredited by AdvancEd.