AP Program Outline

AP courses are for higher level students who excel at critical thinking. Students should expect 8-10 hours per week of work as well as intense writing and test requirements. Students will be required to turn in 100% of tests and 6 examples of projects/writing samples per year. These assignments will be turned in quarterly and reviewed by the AP Coordinator. In addition, students will meet with an AP Coordinator quarterly to discuss their progress and grades. The coordinator will be responsible for answering questions students have regarding the course. The coordinator is NOT a teacher, rather a resource for AP students.

AP Exam

If your student is interested in the AP exam, they should contact their AP Coordinator at the beginning of the year so that information can be given regarding the exam and dates. There are additional costs associated with taking an AP exam.

AP Course Orientation

Prior to beginning any of our AP courses, students are required to complete an orientation which provides them with an overview and expectations for the program.

AP Coordinator

The AP Coordinator is a certified teacher in a specific subject area who is available as a resource for the student. The coordinator is not responsible to TEACH the material, but will be available to provide guidance when needed. The coordinator will grade the required course work and will provide feedback to the student.