At the end of most lessons, you will take a 10-question quiz. You will usually have three chances to pass the quiz, but check with your advisor to see whether he or she has changed the settings to give you more or fewer attempts. You may also be allowed to use your eNotes on your quizzes and tests, so take GREAT eNotes as you progress through your course!

  1. Select your answer by clicking the radio button to the left of your response.
  2. Move to the next question by clicking either of the following:
    1. The Next button
    2. The question number in the quiz question navigation
  3. If you want to skip a question and come back to it later, click the Mark this and return link. To return to a marked question,click the back-arrow that replaces the question number in the quiz question navigation.
  4. The timer in the upper-right hand portion of the screen will let you know how much time you have left to complete the assessment.
  5. When finished, click the green Submit/Complete button or the Exit & Submit button.

  1. Use the feedback on the assessment review screen to determine your next task:
    1. Passed (score appears in green): Move onto the next lesson.
    2. Did Not Pass (score appears in red): Expand the list icon to view which objectives you need to study more.
  2. If you need to begin a retake, click the green“play” icon. If you have no retakes remaining, see your teacher to request additional retakes.
  3. Questions for quizzes, tests and exams are pulled from a question bank. You will not see the same questions in a retake.

Tests and Exams

  1. Tests and exams may allow you to save your work and return to complete the assessment at a later date.(This permission must be enabled by a teacher.)
  2. If you run out of time before you finish your test or cumulative exam, click the home button or Save and Exit (if your advisor has enabled this feature). 
  3. If you click home and do not have permission to save and exit, you will receive a message telling you so.
  4. If you save and exit, any assessment questions you have already seen—whether you have answered them or not—maybe locked when you log back in to finish the assessment. 
  5. This is controlled by the options your advisor has set on your course, so please read the alert messages carefully.