Reviewing the steps below will help you gain the "big picture" of what your homeschool year should look like. First and foremost, familiarize yourself with your state’s homeschool laws. Although we are here to help you succeed, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are fulfilling every aspect of the law. Copies of the homeschooling laws can be obtained from our office or from the State Department of Education upon request. Go to the State Laws page of the Bridgeway website to familiarize yourself with parental responsibilities. These are listed below:

  1. File the necessary enrollment forms.
  2. Contact your student’s previous school for records and transcripts.
  3. Know the law in your state and file the necessary letter of intent or affidavit where applicable.
  4. Provide tuition payment as scheduled.
  5. Remove all tests from the center of ACE and AOP workbooks and store all score keys in a secure location. Students are not to have access to score keys at any time.
  6. Score all final tests (or take the tests online).
  7. Record all test grades on the Master Record Sheet (not required if taking tests online).
  8. Receive approval for any course your student is using, that is not provided by Bridgeway, by completing a Course Approval Form.
  9. Fill out a Course Evaluation Form and Activity Log for every course your student is using that is not provided by Bridgeway.
  10. Send all quarterly and semester materials to your student’s advisor according to the dates listed on the school calendar.
    1. (Note: These dates may vary based on when you enroll. You will receive due date information from your advisor and reminder emails regarding material due dates.) If your student took tests online, your advisor will retrieve grades directly; there is no need to mail materials.
  11. Organize your homeschool area.
  12. When you receive your student’s curriculum, check the packing slip to verify that you received everything. In addition to the curriculum, your initial shipment should include:
    1. Parent Handbook with all applicable forms (All forms are available in the Bridgeway Learning Center. You can download, complete, and upload them, using the "Forms and Documents" tab).
    2. Record Keeping Kit, including Master Record Sheet, Goal Cards, School Calendar, Progress Chart (elementary only), Enrollment Periods, and Responsibilities List.
    3. Instructor Guides for your student’s courses can be found in Moodle (if instructor guides are available for the courses).
  13. Review the teacher’s guides for your student’s curriculum. Use the Daily Log for planning purposes. You may also want to use the Goal Cards to help your student learn to set goals.
  14. When your student is ready, provide the test. If the student scores below 80 percent, Bridgeway Academy recommends that the student study and retake the test. When taking tests online, review the results with your student and allow them to retake the test. Part of what makes homeschooling so successful is the ability to review material not mastered before moving forward.
  15. Return all loaned resource books, textbooks, and CDs and DVDs that are labeled "Return to Bridgeway," as your student completes the course.