Pennsylvania Students

At the close of each academic year, students in the state of Pennsylvania must have an evaluation completed by one of the following:

  • A non-public school teacher
  • A Pennsylvania certified teacher
  • A licensed psychologist

The evaluator is to determine if an appropriate education is taking pace for the student(s). The evaluation is due to the superintendent of your local school district by June 30th. 

What to Bring to the Evaluation:

  • Log of attendance or school calendar used to keep attendance (to show the completion of a 180 day school year)
  • Goal charts and cards listing the estimated pages your child would complete each day
  • Two examples of written compositions for the year (example: letters, imaginative stories, reports, book reviews, journals)
  • Reading list: list of books and other materials read (Example: magazines, newspapers, literature books, library books, bible)
  • List of books and materials read as a family
  • List of special projects completed – those completed alone or with family (Example: photography scrap book, newspaper clipping scrap book, research paper, science project, computer work, and so forth)
  • List of field trips and socialization experiences (Example: Sunday school, camp youth activities)
  • Music activities accomplished this year
  • Art activities accomplished this year
  • List of hobbies
  • Community projects – may have been done with family (Example: visit to nursing home, recycling, visit with shut-ins, and so forth)
  • Plan used to implement a health and nutrition awareness and fire safety program in your homeschool program
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • The first and last PACE or Lifepac completed from each subject
  • All completed tests