Finding Support!

We encourage you to find and get involved in a local homeschool support group. If you do not know other homeschoolers, search the Internet to find a group in your local area. Finding a local homeschool support group has many advantages, including the following:

Encouragement and support -There’s nothing like sharing the joys and frustrations of homeschooling with other people who have similar experiences and who can help you deal with them.

Help with field trips, sports, and other activities. Knowing other homeschoolers gets you in touch with various activities in which you might want to participate such as field trips, sports leagues, dance classes, orchestras, and so forth. For example, you can take turns with other homeschoolers planning field trips – it is not much more difficult to plan a field trip for several families than it is to plan for one.

Having a group of homeschoolers often provides access to experiences that aren’t available to just a single family. For example, many local theaters have matinee programs for schools. You can often take advantage of these programs as a homeschool group. However, because homeschool groups are typically smaller and have a more flexible schedule than do school groups, you might gain access to backstage tours and other opportunities.

Social interaction for you and your kids – AKA fun! Homeschoolers need friends just like other students, and other homeschoolers are the most likely source. Having a group of homeschoolers with whom you interact regularly provides a pool of potential friends for your student(s), for homeschool experiences, or just for hanging out and having fun. Plus, you might want some new friends for yourself as well! Homeschoolers tend to have similar values and interests so the odds of finding friends among other homeschoolers are better than in other circles.