Homeschool Accreditation and Homeschool Academy Extension Policy

If you find that your student will require additional time to complete his or her school year, you do have the option to purchase up to two months of extensions, as outlined below.

  • Half-year students may purchase a one-month extension for $125.
  • Full-year students may purchase up to two one-month extensions for $125 per month.
  • Individual course purchases are not eligible for an extension.

Extension fees are to be paid prior to the end-of-year deadline. Once the fee is paid, your advisor will alert you to your student’s new deadline date. Coursework completed after the deadline date will not be processed until the extension fee has been paid. If you are 60 days past your deadline and have not paid for an extension, your student’s account will be closed and a $200 re-activation fee will be due. Accounts cannot be re-activated more than six (6) months after the original deadline date. At that point students will need to be re-enrolled for a new school year and will likely need to retake their courses.

Self-Paced, Teacher-Supported Program Extension Policy

Self-Paced, Teacher-Supported students may elect to extend one course or all courses at the end of their school year, as outlined below.

  • Individual courses can be extended for a $695 extension fee per course.
  • Alternatively, all semester courses can be extended for a $1,295 extension fee.

Self-Paced, Teacher-Supported courses will be closed out automatically at the semester deadline unless the above-mentioned extension fees have been paid and a new deadline has been established. If the extension fee has not been paid and the course(s) have been closed, students may request that the course(s) be re-opened within one month of the deadline. The extension fee must be paid prior to the re-opening of the course.

In order for a course to be re-opened, the student must have completed 50% of the course and have a 60% or higher average. If this is not the case, the student will be directed to retake the course in the upcoming school year.

Homeschool Live Extension Policy

Live online courses have an extension fee of $100 PER COURSE for one month. 

Independent Self-Paced Extension Policy

For students enrolled in independent self-paced courses (not enrolled in Bridgeway Academy), you are able to extend your enrollments per course.

  • Individual courses can be extended for 30 days for a $50 extension fee per course.

You will be prompted to extend your course when logging into the Bridgeway Learning Center as a student or a parent if you course course ends within the next 14 days.

To purchase the extension, click the checkbox next to the courses you wish to extend and then select  'Continue.' The $50.00 fee per course extension will be charged to the credit card you have on file with Bridgeway Academy.