Families who wish to withdraw must submit a formal request to withdraw.

Bridgeway Academy will refund tuition paid as follows:

❖ All registration, service and/or shipping fees are non-refundable.

❖ Families who withdraw more than 14 days after their program start date are NOT eligible for refund and any balance owed is due immediately.

❖ Withdrawals prior to July 1 of New School Year or prior to start date - Tuition refund less 10% of total annual tuition and any applicable fees.

❖ After July 1st of New School Year or within 14 days of start: Tuition refund less 20% of total annual tuition and any applicable fees.

An official Bridgeway Academy withdrawal form must be completed and submitted for the refund to be issued. If your student needs to be withdrawn from Bridgeway Academy, please contact your academic advisor for the appropriate form, which can be emailed to you. 

Please note: You must submit the form online within 10 business days for refunds to be processed. Failure to return the form within the stipulated time will result in forfeiting any applicable refund. No refund credit will be applied to future enrollments with Bridgeway Academy. 

*Please note: All Hope Packages include a non-refundable $395 Evaluation Fee. 2-5 Days for Dual Enrollment Courses (depending on program). 

*Families will incur a $50 reservation fee for each Live Online Course that is dropped.