Maintain as formal an atmosphere as possible; do not allow the student to become careless through poor work habits at home. Be consistent. Expect high productivity.

Honor Code

As a school recognized by the Pennsylvania State Board of Education, we expect all students to sign the Honor Code and Cyberbullying Policy. These policies are signed as part of the Student Orientation. We recognize that a student may seek help, so we encourage students to consult our advisors as well as solicit opinions from others. This is a normal and acceptable practice. However, the tests and workbook materials sent in must be the work of the student enrolled in Bridgeway Academy.

Cyberbullying Policy

It is the policy of Bridgeway Academy to provide a learning environment that is free from cyberbullying. It is a violation of this policy for any student to engage in cyberbullying while interacting with fellow Bridgeway students on Facebook or any other social media network. Bridgeway Academy will not tolerate retaliation against a person who reports cyberbullying, provides information during an investigation of cyberbullying, or witnesses or has reliable information about cyberbullying.

"Cyberbullying" is defined as bullying through the use of technology or any electronic communication that includes, but is not limited to, any transfer of signs, signals, writing, images, sounds, data, or intelligence of any nature transmitted in whole or in part by such things as electronic mail, Internet communications, instant message, text message, or facsimile. Cyberbullying includes (i) the creation of a web page or blog in which the creator assumes the identity of another person, and (ii) the knowing impersonation of another person as the author of posted content or messages, if the creation or impersonation is a violation under the law. Cyberbullying also includes the distribution by electronic means of a communication to more than one person or the posting of material on an electronic medium that may be accessed by one or more persons, if the distribution or posting is a violation of the law.

Students, parents, and members of the school staff, who witness or become aware of cyberbullying or retaliation should immediately report it to their assigned academic advisor, who will immediately report it to the principal. Any individual who is found to have been engaging in cyberbullying will be removed from all community websites and will face the possibility of removal from Bridgeway Academy.