The Bridgeway Academy Retake Policy endeavors to encourage students to study and pass quizzes and tests with a grade they will be happy with on their first attempt.

  1. Students will have three (3) opportunities to take a test. They will have the opportunity to repeat the test up to two (2) times. If they make below 60% on an attempt, they cannot move on to the next activity until they either score above 60% or take the test 3 times. After the third attempt, students will be automatically moved forward in their course progress and receive the highest grade for the test or quiz.
  2. For students who make a 70% or above, but wish to have another opportunity to take the quiz or test, the following steps are required:
    1. The student must complete a RETAKE request within the course in the Moodle site. This survey will request:
      1. student information.
      2. Compass Learning exact quiz title.
      3. score student earned on the test.
      4. Student must enter a personal explanation as to why he or she should be allowed to retake the test.
      5. The student MUST attach the notes he or she took while watching the Compass Learning lesson.
    2. When the advisor receives notification of the test, the final decision to allow the retake will be made by the advisor. Your advisor will email you if the retake request is granted.
    3. If the retake is granted, you will be able to click on the quiz or test and make another attempt.
    4. After you complete the retake, email your advisor so your grade can be reviewed and changed if necessary.
    5. If your advisor denies your retake, you will receive an email with an explanation as to why the retake was denied.