The Adobe Flash plugin lets you hear and see Flash audio and video content on Chrome on your computer. 

Note: Adobe will stop supporting Flash at the end of 2020. 

Allow sites to play Flash videos, animations, and games

Only let Flash run on websites that you trust. Some websites might use Adobe Flash Player to harm your computer.

If you quit Chrome, your Flash settings will not be saved. The next time you open Chrome, you will have to allow Flash again for any sites you added before.

  1. When you visit a page you trust that has Flash content, click Click to enable Adobe Flash Player.
  2. Click Allow.

The site needs Flash to work

If a website isn’t working, you might need to change your settings to allow Flash.

  1. To the left of the web address, click Lock Lock or Info View site information.
  2. At the bottom, click Site Settings.
  3. In the new tab, to the right of "Flash," click the Down arrow Down arrow and then Allow.
  4. Go back to the site and reload the page.