The Upload center is accessed from the parent login to the BLC. There are two fuctions available in the Upload Center:

  1. Forms and documents can be downloaded, edited and uploaded in the Bridgeway Learning Center.
  2. Upload course materials. If your student is completing course content offline, you can upload materials directly to Bridgeway through this feature. Your advisor will be able to view your submissions and update your student's grade book

Please note: Most forms will not work on mobile devices. Students are able to view and download forms in the student login, but only parents are able to upload forms.

Accessing the Upload Center

  • Log in to the Bridgeway Learning Center with your parent username and password.
  • Select a student from the dashboard.

Select the Upload Center

After selecting Upload Center, select the option for the type of file you plan to upload:

Course Materials

To upload course materials select the option to Upload New File from the Upload Course Materials screen.

Select the course you wish to upload materials for.

You cannot upload materials for courses taken in the Blended platform. Course materials for these courses must be uploaded in the course activity. Courses that are not available for upload are listed at the bottom of the course list.

Next, browse your computer for the files to upload. You can select to Add another file. Once all files are selected, click "Upload File."  Your advisor will be notified that you have uploaded the file and update grades with the information submitted.

Forms and Documents

After you download the form, you can open the .pdf document and fill it out and save the filled-out form. This is the form that you will upload.


Uploading Documents:

To upload a form, click the Upload  link in the action column of the form. Browse for the filled-out form on your computer and select Upload File.

If you have already uploaded the selected form before, but need to upload another version, select Upload New File and select the form type.

Choose the "Form" from the dropdown menu.

Click Choose file and browse for the file on your desktop. Click Upload File to complete the upload.

Enter any comments in the Notes/Description box.

Click Submit.