Click the + sign in when viewing a lesson to open the Lesson Support pane. The lesson support pane has three tabs:

  1. The eNotes tab
  2. The Glossary tab
  3. The Transcript tab

The eNotes Tab

Edgenuity students can access an online digital notebook, or eNotes. The eNotes are located on the first tab of the lesson support pane. Students can enter a new note in the text-entry field at the bottom of the pane. To add the note to their digital notebook, students simply click Save. To edit a note that was previously entered, students can click anywhere in the note; this will move to the note to the text-entry field so it can be modified and saved.

The Advanced option provides a full menu of text formatting tools, including:

  • Copy/paste
  • Undo/Redo
  • Bold, italics, underline, strike through
  • Subscript/superscript Bullets and numbered lists
  • Spell check as you type (SCAYT)
  • Special characters (foreign language characters, Greek letters,other symbols)
  • Tables
  • Equation editor

To exit Advanced mode (and return to standard note-taking mode), student scan click the Hide Advanced link or the double-arrow icon just under the Notes tab. If students have permission to use eNotes during assessments, eNotes will appear in read-only mode. That is, students will be able to view previously entered notes, but they will not be able to enter new notes. In tests or exams,students can navigate from lesson to lesson in their eNotes to view their notes on all tested content. Check with your advisor if you have questions about when you can use eNotes.


The second tab of the lesson support pane contains the lesson glossary. Students can view the lesson vocabulary here. They can use the “play”button next to each word to hear the vocabulary spoken aloud. 

Students can also translate the words and definitions into any of Edgenuity’s 17 supported languages, as long as they have translation enabled in their profiles. The word look-up search bar allows students to look up any word. The word and associated definitions will be displayed in the glossary pane.

Students can access the glossary at any time during instruction or assignments. During assessment, however, the glossary is disabled.


The third tab contains the activity transcript. Students with translation enabled can translate the entire transcript if they wish. This can be a helpful support for English language learners.

To translate the activity transcript, students should click the Transcript tab of the lesson support pane and then select a preferred language from the translation menu in the header.

Students can access the transcript at any time during instruction or assignments. During assessment, however, the transcript is disabled.