To order a transcript to be sent to a school, college, or to yourself, got and follow these steps:

  1. Enter your student ID number and click NEXT to verify. 

  2. Select the transcript product you want to order and click Add to Cart..  

  3. After completing the form indicating where you want to send your transcript, click CHECK OUT.

  4. Your contact information is displayed.  If you wish to order an additional transcript to be sent to another location, you can click ADD STUDENT and enter your Student ID number again to request another transcript.

  5. Current students can send up to five transcripts at no charge.  To override the charge use the coupon code gobridgeway.  Enter this coupon code on the payment screen and click APPLY. 6. Complete your information and click NEXT to continue to payment.

PLEASE NOTE: Only those enrolled in fully accredited program with Bridgeway Academy* are eligible for transcripts.

*This includes all Total Care programs, and specifically does not include any Independent program, class, or grade level kit purchased without an additional Record Keeping package.