Pathblazer is a solution offered by Bridgeway Academy to screen and diagnose students and then build a customized learning path for content not mastered during the diagnostic testing.

Step 1 - Screening

The screening process will take students about one hour to complete. You may want to break up the screening process into two sessions. Make sure students use the logout button at the top of the screen after each Pathblazer session. The screener will adjust based on student answers to provide a new set of questions at an easier or harder level. Students will complete 32-48 questions depending on their answers.

  1. Logging into Pathblazer - Login to Pathblazer through the Pathblazer icon in ClassLink. When prompted, enter your Bridgeway username and password.
    1. Hint: Your username is your Bridgeway Microsoft username ending with Your passwords starts with Bw_ and ends with your student ID.
    2. You must enter bridgeway in the school name on the login screen.

  1. Starting the Screener - Click on Pathblazer Reading to get started. Click the Start button to begin the screener. If the student stopped in the middle of the screener and is returning, the button will say Resume
  2. Completing the Screener - After students complete the screener, they can see the grade level where they placed by looking at their assignments. You will see the grade level as part of the assignment name.

Step 2 - Completing the Grade-Level Diagnostic

After completing the screener, students will be provided with three pairs of diagnostic assessments. Each pair contains a pre-test, which will generate an individualized learning path, and summative post-test. Each pair represents a step in a progression towards mastery at the respective grade-level proficiency as determined by the screener.

It is recommended that students being with Diagnostic A. Be sure and take frequent breaks if needed. You don't have to complete the diagnostic in one sitting.

Step 3 - Learning Path Progress

After screening and diagnostic, Pathblazer will provide you with a personalized accelerated learning paths. Students will automatically receive a learning path after completing Diagnostic A. After completing the learning path for Diagnostic A, continue to Diagnostic B.

Starting the Learning Path - The * shows where you should start working. Some activities may be faded and will not contain activities. This means that you demonstrated mastery of that standard on the diagnostic.