Stanford Achievement Test

As a service to our Bridgeway families, we are offering mail order standardized testing using the nationally recognized Stanford Achievement Test 10. Yearly standardized achievement tests are required by some states and are an optional assessment tool in all others. Please check with your local school district to see if this type of testing is required for your student this school year.

**The Performance Series testing required by Bridgeway Academy does not fulfill the standardized assessment requirement.**

The Stanford Achievement Test 10 is available for grades 1-12. The test is not timed, but provides approximate total times that each section should take. The test covers:

  1. Reading Vocabulary
  2. Reading Comprehension
  3. Mathematics
  4. Spelling
  5. Language Arts
  6. Science and Social Studies for those who want or need to take these subject tests

The test is available to purchase through Curriculum Express in February and March each year. If you would like to purchase a test to be shipped to your home, please contact Curriculum Express by calling 1-800-685-3357. Their team will be able to assist you in purchasing the test. Please note that there will be a shipping charge on top of the cost of the test. Tests can only be shipped within the US. You must order the test by the end of March each year and have it returned to our office no later than the second week of April each year. Please confirm exact dates with Curriculum Express upon ordering. Late submissions will not be processed.

IMPORTANT: The Stanford Achievement Test must be proctored by someone other than the supervising parent of the student.

If you have additional questions about standardized testing please contact your advisor directly.