How to Place an Order

Our website has a brand new look that makes it easier to find the programs you want. The image below outlines where you will find all the programs you've grown to count on. To begin your order, start at our website:

Note: If you want to purchase an Independent Study Course or a Live Online Class, please refer to this help article.


Ordering an Enrollment Program

  1. Select Bridgeway Academy from the top navigation bar on the homepage.
  2. Navigate to the Program type you are interested in.
  3. Click on the grade level your student is entering. 

After arriving at the grade level and reviewing the available programs, select the program you want to order by clicking BUY NOW or Learn More. Select the Duration and Payment Plan option for your enrollment and click ENROLL.

Please Sign In

  1. I have a personal recommendation. If you have received a recommendation code from Bridgeway, select this option and enter the code you received via email. The recommended items will already be in your cart for your review.
  2. I am a returning family. If you have purchased from Bridgeway before, you can sign in with either your BLC username and password OR enter your Bridgeway ID. If you enter your parent credentials, you will be prompted to select a student or have the option to add a new student. You must enroll each student separately.
  3. I am new to Bridgeway Academy. If you have never purchased from Bridgeway Academy before, select this option to create a new account. 

Verification Code

If you select returning family and then the option to enter your Bridgeway ID or Student ID, you will be asked to send a one-time passcode. This code will be delivered to the primary email on your account.

Check your email to retrieve and enter your passcode.

Student Details

Complete the Student Details form for the student you are enrolling.

Parent Details
Complete the Parent Details form. If your shipping is the same as your contact information, be sure and check the option to Use above Address. If your family is active US Military or a Christian Missionary, be sure and change this option to YES to receive more information about a special discount.

Configure Your Order

On this page you can add extras to your orde, including Live Online Classes, a subscription to or a lab kit, or upgrade a course. Explore the options and click Add to Order. You can also add a coupon code here if you have one. After your order is configured, click Check Out to continue to the payment page.

Payment & Billing Details

Enter your payment information, review and agree to the Terms & Conditions, and click Make Payment to complete your order.

Thank You Page

After your order has been submitted, you will receive a receipt in your email. You also have the option to view your receipt on the thank you page.

*Important - you will see a pop-up message with your Bridgeway ID at the end of your order. If you wish to enroll another student, use this ID to expedite the process.

Ordering FAQ

  1. What about multi-student discounts? The new ordering system requires the order for each student to be processed individually including individual payments for each student. If a parent creates a new order with the same school year for a different student, the new student will receive a 10% discount. It is important to note that the multi-student discount cannot be combined with any other promotional offers. 
  2. Can I add more than one coupon code? Only one coupon code can be used per order. If you are ordering for more than one student you will receive the multi-student discount in addition to a discount for a coupon code. However, the student receiving the multi-student discount will not be eligible for any promotional offers at that time. 
  3. How do I order a transcript? To order a transcript, click on Enroll/Buy Now on the homepage, then look for Order Transcript under Additional Shop Options. After entering your student ID, select Order Transcript from the Select Package screen.
  4. Can I add something to my cart that I found on another page on the website? Unfortunately, not at this time. You can add products that are displayed on the Configure Your Order page during purchase.
  5. How do I select a payment plan? From the program web page, select the duration and then click the drop-down underneath to view available payment plans. Payment plans are available for enrollment programs.
  6. How do I order materials for a Live Online Class? If you did not purchase your kit or textbooks when purchasing your Live Online Course, you can order them from the website:
    1. From the homepage, select Enroll/Buy Now. 
    2. Select Materials & Add-Ons. 
    3. Enter your student ID or log in with your Parent BLC username and password.
    4. After logging in, select Live Online Extras to find the kit or textbooks required for your Live Online Class.