Bridgeway offers Live Online Classes for these Math-U-See Courses:

  1. Pre-Algebra
  2. Algebra I
  3. Algebra II
  4. Geometry
  5. Pre-Calculus
  6. Calculus

Courses are taught by certified teachers who are trained Math-U-See instructors as part of Bridgeway's Live Online Course program. The chart below compares the classes previously offered through Demme Learning and the courses now delivered by Bridgeway Academy.

Demme Learning Live
Bridgeway Live Online 
AccreditationCo-op format. Not for creditAccredited. 1 High School Credit earned for students in a full enrollment with the Academy.
Online Class AccessAdobe ConnectZoom
ParticipationStudents are able to chat with the teacher and view the teacher's video presentationStudents are able to chat and speak with the teachers. Students are also able to present via video.
TestingComplete on paper first and then enter answers in online quiz.Students will complete the quizzes online. Completing the test on paper first is optional.
Teacher CommunicationMessaging within CanvaChat and forums with Teacher within each course.
End of Course RecordsNot available.Official progress report and transcript.
GradingQuizzesQuizzes, Tests, and Homework will comprise student grades.
AttendanceOptionalRequired. Students are able to make up missed classes by watching recordings of the class.

The screenshot below shows the course home page for Math-U-See Algebra II:

Math-U-See Placement Testing

If you are unsure of which course to begin in the Math-U-See curriculum, Bridgeway recommends that you complete the Math-U-See placement testing before enrolling in a course. Go to to access the placement tool.