There are some very important things that you can be doing during your sophomore year to prepare for your future.  Follow these steps to lead to success:


  • Take the PSAT
  • Prepare for the ACT by taking the ASPIRE assessment.  Sign up here:
  • Discuss any changes in your career plan with your advisor so she can update your projected course of studies.
  • Become familiar with the college application process to ensure you are prepared when the time comes.
  • Research potential career options to determine the type of training that is involved and look for internship opportunities to get a real-life feel for the profession.
  • Seek out leadership positions in the extra-curricular activities you are participating in.
  • READ and WRITE!  Practice in both of skill areas will help when it comes time to take the SAT and ACT exams.


  • Keep focusing on your studies to earn high scores in all subject areas.
  • Attend college fairs in your area to meet representatives from the schools you are interested in.
  • Contact colleges of interest to obtain more information about their programs.  Make sure that you are meeting their admissions requirements.  If not, talk to your advisor about what you need to do to change this.
  • Consider taking the SAT Subject tests if you recently finished studying a particular area of interest.
  • Get a job!  This not only looks great to colleges but you can start your own college savings account to pay for all the extra things you'll need while away at college.