Depending on which college you are applying to, your student might be eligible to take the Classic Learning Test or CLT. The Classic Learning Test (CLT) invites students to wrestle with works of the greatest minds in the history of Western thought across literary and mathematical content. Rich material reflecting both theistic and secular perspectives benefits and enriches the student in the test-taking process. Among standardized college entrance exams, the CLT provides the most accurate and rigorous measure of academic formation, accomplishment, and potential.

Over 250 colleges and universities accept the CLT exam. If you plan on attending any of these schools, this test might be right for you. Note: this test is not as widely accepted as the SAT and ACT tests so make sure you have researched all the schools you wish to attend and have confirmed whether they will or won't accept this exam for acceptance purposes. 

Wondering how the CLT compares with the SAT or ACT exams? Check this out. 

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