What is A-G? 

A-G defines the subject requirements for admission to The University of California schools. To meet minimum admission requirements, a student must complete 15 year-long high school courses with a letter grade of C or better — at least 11 of them prior to the last year of high school. 


History/Social Science 






Laboratory Science 


Language other than English 


Visual & Performing Arts 


College-Preparatory Elective 


Why is A-G important? 

Students who wish to attend The University of California schools for their higher education must meet one of the listed requirements: 

  1. Include record of completed A-G approved courses on their high school transcript having achieved a 3.0-3.4 GPA (3.0 for CA residence; 3.4 for non-CA residence). 

  1. Achieve approved ACT with Writing or SAT with Essay scores to be eligible for admission (see the UC graduation requirements for approved scores). 

In order to fulfill the subject requirement for a California residence, courses must be certified by UC as meeting the requirement and must be included on the school's UC-certified course list. 

Which A-G approved courses are available through Bridgeway Academy? 

Bridgeway Academy does not have an A-G “track.”  To learn more about the approved courses offered through Bridgeway Academy, view the A-G Course List offered by The California State University.