Below is a recording of the Orientation and Q&A Session for Parents and Teachers held on 9/11/2019. Information regarding HST access is included in this presentation.


Charter teachers can access the Bridgeway Learning Center to view student grades and progress by navigating to:

Teachers will receive their username and password via email. To reset your password, select Forgot username or password to have a reset link emailed to you. Usernames are always teacher's email address.

Teachers are only able to see their own students. If students are reassigned within your organizations, please submit a support ticket by clicking New Support Ticket above to request that a student be reassigned. 

Watch the video below for information on the Bridgeway Learning Center for Charter teachers:

Charter Teacher BLC Access from Bridgeway Academy on Vimeo.

View Details and Progress

Your teacher login makes it easy to check student progress and current grades as needed. Simply click on View Details to see each course a student is enrolled in. You will see the student's course progress, completion percentage, as well as the current grade.  Click on View Progress to see the detailed activity completion for the course. Click View Progress again to hide the progress.

HINT! The Live Online Class Teacher name and contact email address is listed next to each course section name.

Document Upload
The document upload tool is a great way for Charter teachers to request samples of student work or view specific assignments required by the instructor. Parents simply upload documents for review. As they upload documents, Charter Teachers will receive an email notification that the document was uploaded. To view uploaded documents, click on View Documents

Click on the uploaded document name to view the file. Click View under the notes column to view the notes entered by the parents when uploading the document.