The ChoicePlus Bridge Program is an exciting new middle school program designed to offer your student their fourcore courses- Math/Science/Social Studies/Language Arts– in a live, virtual classroom. Your child will be in class with other ChoicePlus students and be taught by certified Bridgeway teachers. To view available courses, click here.

General Program Descriptions

  • Bundle includes Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts courses for a full school year
  • Taught by certified teachers
  • Meet at the same time each week
  • Each class is 60 to 90 minutes long
  • Tutoring time is available
  • Bridgeway teachers do all the grading
  • Bridgeway teachers keep students accountable to work
  • Flexible class schedule
  • Materials and shipping included

To place an order, contact your HST. 


August 26, 2019Orientation- Meet and Greet Sessions
September 3, 2019First day for ChoicePlus Bridge Live Classes
November 11, 2019Veterans Day Holiday
November 25-29, 2019Thanksgiving Holiday
December 16-January 3, 2020ChoicePlus Bridge Winter Break
January 20, 2020Martin Luther King Jr. Day Holiday
January 23, 2020End of First Semester
February 17, 2020Washington's Birthday Holiday
April 3-10, 2020Spring Break
May 25, 2020Memorial Day
June 11, 2020Last Day ChoicePlus Bridge Classes


  1. Bridgeway Academy has a strict Honor Code that must always be adhered to. Bridgeway Academy requires that all submitted homework be the student’s ORIGINAL thoughts. This means students must use their own words when completing assignments. All outside research must be referenced in the student's work via citations. Failure to do so is considered plagiarism and could result in disciplinary action. 
  2. Students are to be respectful, kind, and polite when interacting with classmates and the instructor. Foul and inappropriate language will not be tolerated in the classroom or on student submissions. In-class features that allow chatting or posting should only be used for the purpose of discussing the course with the teacher and conveying information about class content to other students. These features are not to be used for socializing. Disciplinary action can result should a student misuse or abuse the interactive technology within the classroom. Failure to comply with these requirements could result in termination from the course. All enrollment and monies will be forfeited as a result of disciplinary removal from a course.
  3. For attendance and privacy purposes, students should log in to Zoom classes with their accurate and true first name and last initial. 
  4. Students are responsible for completing assignments in a timely manner. If students in full-year or semester courses do not complete any assignments within a two-week period, parents will be notified. The student will be considered at risk if no response is received and may be placed on Academic Hold.
  5. Students are expected to attend and participate in Live Online Classes. If a student in a full-year or semester course has two consecutive weeks of absences and/or consistently leaves class and has not notified the instructor, parents will be notified. The student will be considered at risk if no response is received and may be placed on Academic Hold.


It is the expectation that students, in order to experience optimum academic success, must complete all assignments. Teachers will post all assignments, including due dates, on the course Moodle page and provide notice during live classes. On the day that the assignment is due, students who have not submitted work will be notified that the work is now late and that the following late penalties will apply:

1 school day late

10% reduction of the earned grade

2 school days late

20% reduction of the earned grade

3 to 5 school days late

30% deduction to the earned grade

Assignments will not be accepted after five late days.

Teachers may make exceptions to the above at their discretion based upon formal parent request for an extension due to severe illness, death in the family, or other personal difficulty.