What is a Grade Kit? 

Designed for grades 1-6, our one of a kind curriculum kits include all you need, including curriculum, teacher’s guides, games, and more-- plus extras, for a full year of homeschooling magic. You’ll get all you need to pace, schedule, grade, and guide so you can focus on watching your child excel each day. With creative projects, hands-on activities, extension lessons, and more, we've done the planning for you so you can pick up and go. And you’ll have access to complementary lessons in Elephango.com, the perfect online curriculum companion for every homeschooler, full of thousands of lessons and activities that extend learning beyond your textbooks. 

What are the benefits of having my student experience learning using the Grade Kit products? 

The all-inclusive kits are tailored to your student’s learning style, so each day is filled with fun and focus. As the instructor, you can focus on watching your child excel each day through projects, hands-on activities, extension lessons, and more all available at your fingertips. 

Why are the guides important to use with the curriculum? 

The guides provide easy-to-follow instructions that walk you through each course in a way that best meets your child's learning style. There are opportunities for students to develop independence as well as tips and tools for you to make learning come alive. Each page offers suggested pacing, instructor support, and extension ideas to encourage more practice, enrichment, connections to literature, and more. Students are encouraged to reflect on his or her learning each day using graphic organizers, critical thinking activities, response templates, and art. 

Do I get a whole school year of curriculum with the Grade Kit purchase? 

Yes! The Grade Kit provides all you need for a successful school year. Comprehensive Social Studies, Science, Math, and English Language Arts programs include student and teacher materials. 

Why were specific publishers chosen for the DOER, LISTENER, and WATCHER Grade Kits? 

Careful planning was conducted to choose specific curriculum aligned to appeal to the kinesthetic, auditory, and visual learner. The design of each Grade Kit guide book emphasizes the value of the included curriculum to appeal to the learning style. 

How do I get started using the Grade Kits? 

You can get started right away! Each Grade Kit guide book provides an overview of the course, suggested reading connections, and related Elephango.com resources. Each guide book takes your student on day by day journey with the guidance needed to successfully complete each course.  To get started, simply locate your Grade Kit guide and begin with Day 1. Be sure and read the "About This Course" section at the beginning of the Grade Kit guide.

Do I need to complete the Learning Style Assessment before I purchase? 

You are not required to complete the Learning Style Assessment with your student before purchasing a Grade Kit, but it is highly suggested. The Learning Style Assessment is a wonderful tool to identify your student’s strongest learning style.  

How do I use the Grade Kit guides with my student? 

Younger students may need your guidance to engage in the learning activities one each page. Older students, can drive their own learning as each guide is designed to encourage independence and to think beyond basic skills and apply what they are learning to real life  

How are the Grade Kit guides helpful to the instructor? 

Each activity speaks specifically to the student to provide helpful teaching tools and prompts with the student’s learning style in mind. The Support sections provide resource page information and more to help the instructor prepare for each lesson. 

Why are the pages consumable? 

Reflecting on learning and connecting learning to previously learned information is key for students. The Grade Kit guide pages provide opportunities for this learning reflection, analysis of information, and visual representation using graphic organizers or art. The completed pages provide a wonderful portfolio for learning in each content area. 

What are the “extras” included in the Grade Kits? 

Each grade kit has “extras” that enhance the learning experience for your DOER, LISTENER, or WATCHER. Each kit includes:  

  • A handbook to guide learning according to your student's learning style 

  • A game or learning toy that complements that specific learning style 

  • Hand-picked Elephango.com lessons that directly relate to what your student is learning 

  • Extra practice, enrichment, and cross-curricular connections and related literature for all core subjects 

  • Membership to the BLC (Bridgeway Learning Center) to access Elephango lessons, additional external course resources, downloads, customer support and more! 

How does my student access the Elephango.com resources from the Bridgeway Learning Center? 

Each kit provides access codes for enrollment to the Elephango.com resources in the BLC. It’s an easy enrollment process for endless learning activity access.  Refer to this article for more information about accessing the resources in the Bridgeway Learning Center.