Click the image below to go to an interactive view of the Bridgeway Learning Center experience for parents.


The Bridgeway Learning Center allows parents of charter students to view progress, upload work samples, and access resources. To login to the BLC, navigate to and select Parent Login.

Enter your parent username and password. This information was emailed to you when your student was registered with Bridgeway Academy. You can receive a reset email link by clicking on Forgot your username or password?

After logging in, the Parent Dashboard is displayed. Click on your student name to see grade and progress information for the selected student. If you have more than one student enrolled, you will see a list of students.

After selecting your student, the Student Dashboard is displayed.

  1. Courses that use the Bridgeway LMS are shown in this section. The Charter Orientation course will show here for all charter students. Click on this course title to view the orientation content as well as the completion status. Parents are not able to mark content complete, but they are able to view all of the content.
  2. Live Online Classes are shown in this section. These courses use the Moodle platform to deliver content, submit assignments, upload course materials, etc.  Parents do not have a separate Moodle login. Only students have a Moodle login. To view the course content, parents should log in with the student's Microsoft login credentials.
  3. Parents can view the student's grades and progress by selecting view progresor by clicking on the Grades and Course Management tab at the top of the dashboard. The course grade, course completion percentage, and date completed are displayed. The grade for individual items is not displayed in this view.
  4. Parents can select this option to upload work samples for HST teachers to review during scheduled check-ins. After selecting Upload Center, Upload Course Materials, select Upload New FileA course selection menu is displayed to select the course for the samples. After selecting the course, browse your computer for the sample file and select Upload to complete the process.
    1. You can add more than one file by selecting Add another file.
    2. Leave notes for the file upload for your HST to view regarding the uploaded file(s).
  5. Notifications from Bridgeway are displayed here.