On August 1, 2019 the Moodle Dashboard will change to a new interactive view. We are making this change to provide students with the ability to control which courses they view and focus on and to get an easy snapshot view of all courses and progress.

Learn about the new Student Dashboard in Moodle by watching this video:

A few notes:

  1. The timeline block is awesome! However, if you are taking self-paced courses you will not see your assignments show up in the timeline as these types of courses do not have due dates. You will find the timeline feature most helpful if you are taking Live Online Classes.
  2. You already have the dashboard! It's been available for a good while - you will see it by opening the hamburger menu in the upper left of your screen and selecting Dashboard. Check it out today.!

Where are my resources now? Some of your resources have moved. Look below to find their new location :)

  1. My Courses. Your new dashboard will display your courses in a card, list, or summary view. From this dashboard you can see your current, past, and future courses.
  2. Resources. All resources have been moved to the help.bridgewayacademy.com. Click the link at the top of the page to access resources for student and parents. For resources related to College and Careers for high school, click on that topic in the knowledge base.
  3. Forums. Forums in Moodle have been discontinued. We are working on a solution in the Bridgeway Learning Center. More information to come soon.
  4. My Badges. You will see any badges you have earned by clicking on your student profile at the upper right of any page (look for your picture).
  5. StartNow! Courses. There is now a link at the top of the page to access these courses - look for #2 in the image above to see the location.
  6. Forms and Parent Resources. You will find all resources and forms in the Bridgeway Learning Center.
  7. StartNow! Courses. Click here to access grade level review courses for grades 1-8 anytime.
  8. Spiritwear. Click this link to access Bridgeway's Spirit Wear store.