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When are the Live Online Class registration deadlines? Registration for the ChoicePlus Bridgeway program ends on September 30th, 2019.

Once I am enrolled in a Live Online Class, is it possible to change my course selection?   Our Live Online Classes have limited seating available. Because of this, please consider carefully which course(s) is best suited to your child's academic needs, interests, and schedule, before enrolling your child in a course. Bridgeway Academy cannot guarantee a course change will be possible. If you must request a course change, contact your HST to do so.

Class Schedule:

Where are my books? Orders are sent from the Bridgeway Academy warehouse. An email is sent to you with a copy of the book order and tracking information (UPS tracking number). Simply visit the UPS tracking website: https://www.ups.com/track?loc=en_US&requester=ST/ and enter your tracking number, and view the tracking information. If you have a question about your order, please contact support.  

Live Online Class Experience

What are the benefits of having my child participate in live, online courses? Your child will experience academic collaboration, engage in exciting discussions and topics, complete hands-on projects, and work with a teacher who is an expert in both content and online learning. They learn valuable skills in time management and responsibility through completing course work. The topics and course lengths are sure to offer something for your learner. Our teachers know what it takes to appeal to a full spectrum of learning styles and are happy to work with you to create the best possible educational experience for your child.

What does my child need to participate in a Live Online Class?Our Live Online Classes use Zoom with the experience found inside your child’s Moodle course by clicking on the link to the “Zoom Online Classroom” located near the top of the course page. Zoom works with all computers and mobile devices and requires a small download to the device for the best experience. While Zoom works with all computers and mobile devices, some features are limited for mobile devices.

Students will need: 

  • a high-speed Internet connection; Chrome or Firefox are the recommended browsers. For more information pertaining to Internet connection and bandwidth requirements, please visit Zoom System Requirements.

  • a headset with a built-in microphone

  • a webcam

  • All course materials for this program are included and are shipped directly to the student family.

Materials List by Course


Course Workload

How much time is needed for daily work between classes?

  • 30-45 mins. day per subject

What is the expectation for parent involvement?

  • Parents do not need to attend weekly class sessions. However, they are encouraged to guide learning for the activities between live sessions.

  • Parents are encouraged to ensure that s are completed and submitted, to assist students in preparing for assessments, and to assist with communicating and advocating for additional assistance from the teacher, etc.

Do teachers have office hours?

  • Yes. Each teacher will provide students with their contact information and times they are available to meet with students individually.

How do I contact my live class teacher?

Each live class teacher posts an email, phone number, and a Calendly tool to schedule specific one-to-one interaction with students, parents, and HSTs. Please visit the Moodle course to view the contact information.  



Accessing Assignments

How do students access assignments, view course resources, and submit work to the instructor? When students enroll in a Live Online Class, they get access to the Bridgeway Academy Moodle site. Within Moodle, your child can access assignments, view course resources, submit their work, take tests and quizzes, and view feedback and grades from the teacher. It holds all the course content your child needs to be successful with their course. Daily assignments are in the weekly folder for each course in the Moodle platform. Here is an example of an assignment:

Please note: While parents can access information on course progress and current grades through the Bridgeway Learning Center Parent Portal, parents do not get a notification when assignments are due. If assignments become an issue, the course Instructor will communicate directly with the parent to create a resolution path. (Parents can view students assignments due by viewing the Timeline Block on the student course overview in Moodle.)

How do I submit an assignments?

Please view this video tutorial to learn more about submitting an assignment to the Moodle courseUploading an Assignment  

How do I access answer keys for daily assignments?

  1. Science: Earth, Life, Physical Science: Keys are included in the PearsonSuccessNet Teacher etextLogin information for the digital platform is provided on the student Moodle course. 
  2. Social Studies: Ancient, Medieval, U.S: Keys are included in the course resources in the Bridgeway Learning Center for notebook activities.  
  3. English Language Arts: SkillsBook: Keys are included in the SkillsBook Teacher Edition included in the materials for this class.  
  4. Math: Foundations and Advanced Math: Keys are included in the Digital Pack. See our support page for enrollment details: https://bridgewayacademy.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/43000533067-math-u-see-digital-pack Intermediate Math: Keys are included in the Teacher Edition. 


Do students complete weekly work online or in textbooks? 

The type of daily work varies depending on the courses selected and the textbook resources connected to that course. In all cases, daily work will involve both online and pencil/paper activities. Assessments will also vary by course and include online assessments as well as uploaded documents or projects.  work is online and textbook/paper pencil...assessments may be on the computer and/or require uploaded documents/projects

Are teachers available to assist students with their course work? All Live Online Classes are taught by experienced teachers who have a passion for learning and helping students succeed. If your child needs assistance outside of the live class sessions, you are encouraged to contact the teacher by email at any time or by phone. 






What if my child is absent from a live class? Attendance and participation are requirements for success in Live Online Classes and represent 10% of the overall grade. However, we understand a student may occasionally be absent due to illness, travel, or valid personal reasons. Recordings of the live classes will be made available to students and are required viewing when an absence occurs. If your child will be absent for an extended period, it is essential to communicate directly with the teacher in order to facilitate a plan to help your child be successful with the course work. All full-year and semester-long courses include attendance as part of the student's final grade, so regular attendance is necessary for successful course completion. Please refer to the ChoicePlus Bridge Handbook for additional information. 



Does grading get reported to Inspire directly or do parents receive it and submit it?

  • Grades will be sent to the Inspire HST at the end of each semester. The HST will enter the grades into the Inspire system and provide final grades to families.

  • LOC teachers will communicate with parents and students about specific activity grades. HSTs can communicate with LOC teachers if needed.

What is my teacher grading and what progress monitoring is required by the homeschool parent? 

There are a mix of non-graded practice items and teacher-graded assignments/activities within each course. A detailed explanation of that blend is explained below. 

  • Non-graded practice is completed outside of the live class and provides an opportunity for parents/students to work through materials without fear of failure on a grade and allows them to send teachers questions that they can address if any struggles come up.  
  • Otherwise, the material covered in that non-graded practice gets incorporated into the live class by the teacher - that's where teachers can see how the students are doing, introduce new topics, etc. and this gives an additional layer of help to the parent, so that when final grades are acquired, students should be very well prepared for any of the graded items built into the course that the teacher will review/log. 
  • If students struggle with their grades on tests/quizzes, the teacher reviews student answers including additional quiz/test attempts.  

Where do I find my grades? Please view this video tutorial to learn more about viewing your grades: https://help.bridgewayacademy.com/support/solutions/articles/43000469713-moodle-viewing-course-grades   

What do I do if an answer included on a quiz was marked incorrect, but is the correct response? Each live teacher will provide final markings on the quiz and test results. Therefore, if a word was misspelled, or a correct answer was misread by auto-grading, your teacher can adjust the grade to provide credit where worthy. Please reach out to your teacher directly with any concerns about course grades.  

Course Content

Are there placement tests for the ChoicePlus Bridge courses? The Intermediate, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra courses do offer a placement test through Math-U-See. The courses designated for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade for all subject areas reflect alignment to the state standards and academic progression of a middle school student. If your student is struggling and could use alternative placement, check out our customized textbook program where Bridgeway academic advisors can assist with getting students placed at a level that works for them.


What if my child has an IEP or other consideration? If your student has any special need or consideration, please contact your advisor or the Live Online Class instructor prior to the start of classes.  Accommodations and modifications are limited due to the virtual classroom format of these courses.

Is Algebra A-G approved?

Mr. D Algebra Online is A-G approved.  Currently under review is the ChoicePlus Bridge Algebra course. 

Will Geometry be a possibility for students who are accelerated in math?

No, this course is usually a 9th or 10th grade level and would not be added as a middle school class. We do however offer it as an LOC and as a self-paced course.

Will there be lab guidance for science?

The science will incorporate hands-on projects. Any projects would include household items or will be a demonstration. No official lab reports, but science will have lab activities.

Do you keep teaching neutral and not adopt an evolution worldview but keep observation and historical eye witness’ and documents the main focus?

We discuss a balanced view and believe that a responsible education means understanding the different theories of origins and giving students the tools to examine each. It also means allowing students to speak to and defend their personal worldview.  If families are concerned about what is taught and how it relates to their beliefs, they should discuss the curriculum with the teacher before classes start.

What is Elephango? Elephango is a digital curriculum companion site offering K-12 lessons for all subjects It helps reinforce those concepts your student is learning. 

How is Elephango incorporated into my Inspire ChoicePlus Bridge program? 

  • Elephango lessons related to the course content are offered through the Bridgeway Learning Center in the associated course resources. Students may view full Elephango lessons linked directly from the BLC course resource page directly to Elephango.com. No login (besides the login to the BLC) are necessary. This integration provides a more in-depth look at the course concepts, practice opportunities, and more. 
  • With the access to Elephango through the Bridgeway Learning Center, students view the Get it!, Got it!, and Go! sections of each lesson integrated into the course resources for the enrolled course.  
  • Elephango lessons may also be incorporated into the daily assignments that teachers offer to the students throughout the school year to differentiate instruction. 


Cancellations, Credits, and Refunds Special Agreements

  1. For any Unused Course Materials that are eligible for return due to a cancelled course, Bridgeway Academy will provide the Parent a return shipping label, via email to the Parent’s email address. 

  2. All Unused Course Materials that are eligible for return due to a cancelled course must be received by Bridgeway Academy (address noted above) by October 31st, 2019.

  3. For any eligible Cancelled Course, Credit will be issued upon Bridgeway Academy’s receipt of  the Unused Course Materials; materials must be received by Bridgeway Academy no later than October 30th, 2019 and in Unused Condition. Any materials that are not received by Bridgeway Academy by October 30th, 2019, or that are received back in Used Condition, will receive a Credit for the Course Fee less $85.00 for the Course Materials charge.

What is the refund policy for Live Online Classes? Family cancellation policy: Less than 15 days – full refund, 15-30 days – 50% refund, 30+ days – no refund.

  • Start Date for Standard Enrollment period: September 3rd, 2019.

  • Start Date determination for Late Enrollments: Start Date, for Late Enrollments, will be the Monday of the calendar week of the student’s first class once student Enrollment process has been completed.

  • Please see Enrollment/Cancellation schedule (below):


Enrollment/Cancellation Schedule           

Enrollment Type

Enrollment Period

Start Date

(Official Start Date for Refunds)

Last Day for Changes

(*Last day to Add or 'Change' a class. Note: ONLY WITHDRAWALS can happen after 9/30)

Last Day for 100% Refund

Last Day for 50% Refund


up to 8/29/19































Contact Information

Who should I contact if I have questions?

  • Prior to the course start date, your HST will be the best person to contact when questions arise. 

  • Once the course has begun, you are strongly encouraged to present any questions to the course instructor whose information is provided to you on your course syllabus and within the Moodle online course. Addressing questions directly to the course instructor by email will result in the quickest response.

  • Technical Support: contact Support@bridgewayacademy.com or call 610-600-9406.