Tracking Your Enrollment in the Bridgeway Learning Center

Once you are assigned to an advisor, the enrollment process is underway.  Your advisor will be working to customize an academic plan for your student throughout this process.  Parents are able to track the steps in the enrollment process within the Bridgeway Learning Center.  This video will show you how you can track the enrollment steps.  

Student Record Release

The Student Record Release form is a form to take to your student's previous school to request records to be sent to Bridgeway Academy.  You can obtain a copy of this form by logging into the Bridgeway Learning Center and selecting the Forms & Documents tab.

Who needs to complete this form?

If your student has earned any high school credits, we need an offical transcript from their previous school. If your student has not earned any high school credits, you do not need to complete this form.

Where do I send the completed form?

Send the completed form to your student' previous school. Do NOT send the form to Bridgeway Academy.

Can a school fax my student's transcript to Bridgeway?

Yes and no. We will accept a fax for course planning purposes - but no courses taken at a previous school will be added to your student's transcript until the offical signed and sealed transcript is received in our office at 334 2nd St., Catasauqua, PA 18032.

My students prior school will not accept the form from me - what do I do?

Notify your student's advisor and provide your prior school's contact information. We will request a transcript directly from the school.

What if my student was homeschooled and earned high school credits?

Complete the Transfer of Home Educated Courses form and submit it to your advisor. You can obtain a copy of this form by logging into the Bridgeway Learning Center and selecting the Forms & Documents tab.

Curriculum Preference Survey

To help your advisor make the best choices for your student, you will be asked to take a few minutes and complete a brief curriculum preference and learning style survey. When you click on the survey link, you will be asked for your student's ID number. The email you receive from your advisor will contain your student's ID number.

The links for the curriculum preference surveys are below.

Learning Style Assessment

The assessments in this tool will give advisors and parents insight into each student's learning style and help your advisor select the best curriculum! You may have completed the assessment as part of the enrollment process.  If you did, your advisor will access and review your student's learning style.  If you did not, your advisor will encourage you to take the assessment.  The welcome email from the advisor will contain the link to the Learning Style Assessment and instructions for completing the assessments.