Bridgeway Academy is committed to our partnership with you and your desire to provide the best education for your child!

We know that an important part of meeting this commitment is providing you with the means to track your student's progress and growth throughout the academic year. We think this is important because we want to make sure all of our students are being challenged in their curriculum. We also want to identify areas in which students might need a little extra help.

When you first enroll with Bridgeway, a placement test is administered to determine placement and curriculum selection. Retaking this placement test is how we will measure growth and progress. We require that all students retake the placement at the end of the year.  The test can be taken more often if you prefer more frequent feedback. This will give both your advisor and you important information about each student's individual progress.

The Role of Placement Testing

What it is not:

  • Placement testing is not designed to determine the actual grade level of a student.
  • Placement testing is not designed to give students a way to test out of required courses or credits.
  • Placement testing is not designed to channel students into a specific academic track (i.e. vocational, college).

What it is:

  • Placement testing is a tool to help you pinpoint academic gaps and understand the academic strengths and struggles for each of your students. 
  • It will help to identify specific concepts that need to be addressed in order to ensure future academic success.  It will also provide insight into larger issues that may not have been identified to date.
  • The online testing also provides a baseline score that will allow you to track progress throughout the school year. 

Placement Test Information:

In order to place your student and to measure student progress, we are asking that your student take the Performance Series Placement Test.  This test is completed online and takes about an hour for each test. 

The test will be available after you receive your welcome email. Please use the Placement Test Information abovet to access the testing site. For students in Kindergarten through 5th Grade, a headset or computer microphone is required.  For the reading and math foundations questions on the test, the questions are read aloud to the students as well as the answer choices.

More information about Placement Testing can be found at this link: Performance Series Testing Information