The Bridgeway Learning Center is available to enrolled Bridgeway families.  This is the place for parents and students to monitor all Bridgeway activity.

Check out this video overview of the Parent Dashboard:

Bridgeway’s Family Dashboard Makes it Easy to:

  1. Be informed every step of the way!
  2. View where you are in the enrollment process and what steps still need to be completed for each student.
  3. View each student’s grade, progress, and activities completed.
  4. Add students and enroll or re-enroll directly from the dashboard.
  5. View each student’s transcript and transcript evaluation report.
  6. Upload course materials.
  7. Download, complete, and upload required forms all in one place.
  8. See at a glance what’s next for enrollment, forms, grades, and more.
  9. View the catalog to learn about all Bridgeway courses.

And it’s Easier for Students, too!

  1. Go directly to your course or course activity in Moodle with just a click of the mouse.
  2. BONUS! Access all of the Resources in the Bridgeway Resource Center right from your Family Dashboard!

Click the image below to go to an interactive view of the Bridgeway Learning Center experience for parents.