To access your Aleks Math course, click on the course name in the Bridgeway Learning Center--this will open the ClassLink launchpad. Then select the Aleks icon to access the Aleks platform.


  • Watch the "How ALEKS Works" video at:
  • Set clear expectations and goals for time to be spent and progress to be made in the system.
  • Have students use a designated ALEKS notebook to show their work. ALEKS is used to input their final answer.


  • The Initial Assessment determines what students know, don't know, and are ready to learn right now.
  • Have a discussion with your students before the assessment. Inform them that while the assessment is not a graded test, they should still try their best.
  • The assessment adapts based on how a student answers the questions.
  • All questions in ALEKS are algorithmically generated. There is no problem bank and questions are not pre-determined.
  • Use the 15/85 Guidelineā€”If a student assesses above 85%, we recommend moving him to a more challenging course.  If a student assesses below 15%, we recommend moving him to a less challenging course.


  • ALEKS is a cycle of learning and assessment. In Learning Mode, students work on their individual Ready to Learn Topics and receive immediate feedback, detailed explanations, and resources to assist in mastering concepts. 
  • Each student will be re-assessed after she learns about 20 topics and works in Learning Mode for approximately 5 hours. If the student fails to show mastery on a progress assessment, the topics missed will return to her pie for the student to practice again.


  • For optimal results, students should spend at least 3-5 hours per week in ALEKS.
  • View the K-12 Course Products Recommendations directly:


  • All reports use automated, real-time data and can be seen at the class and individual student level. A few key reports are detailed below.
  • Students can see their progress by clicking on "Reports" in their Student Account.


  • View students' average learning rates and progress, including which topics have been mastered, not mastered, and are ready to learn.
  • Use this report to inform whole classroom instruction and group students. Create and maintain a comprehensive individualized education plan (IEP) for every student.

Progress Bar

  • Monitor progress on assessments and in Learning Mode at various time intervals.
  • After the Initial Assessment, ensure students are placed in the right course by using the 15/85 Guideline. You can also change the view to see a detailed progress history for each student.

Time & Topic

  • Gauge student usage by viewing time spent in ALEKS and which topics were attempted and mastered.
  • Use this report to check if students are on task and help determine grades. As a suggestion, many educators use time spent in ALEKS and topics mastered per week as a grade determinant.