What is a Digital Pack?

The Digital Pack contains all of the content from the DVDs which are instructional videos for the homeschool instructor. The Digital Pack also contains digital manipulatives, a copy of the instruction manual, tests, and workbook solutions.

The Digital Toolbox includes streaming of the videos and PDF files of the sections of the Instruction Manual (both lesson information and solutions to all student work). However, the PDF files may not be of the same printing as the current physical materials. Any differences should not materially impact usability.

IMPORTANT! A postcard including access to the associated Digital Pack is sent along with all MUS curriculum products. This postcard contains the directions and an access code. Each card has a unique code. Look at the pictures below for what these cards looks like.

How to Access Your Digital Packs

Here are instructions on how to redeem your access code and get started. NEW this year! You'll have lifetime access to your Digital Pack, which begins when you redeem your code.

How To Access Your Digital Packs

Please click on the link above to go right to the instructions on the Demme Learning website!