Watch this video to learn how easy it is to upload work samples to the Bridgeway Learning Center to showcase your student's work.

Uploading Work Samples to the Bridgeway Learning Center from Bridgeway Academy on Vimeo.

Here are some things to remember:

    • First—You don’t have to use this tool to share your work samples—you can share materials is whatever manner you and your HST prefer. We do think you will find this tool easy and convenient to use.
    • Second—you are free to choose what you upload to your HST (Unless your HST has asked for something specific) so pick your student’s favorite!
    • Third and very important!:  Everything you upload must include the student name, the date and a grade (Remember, you can select a work sample of your choice. Therefore, the grade may be issued by you or by your live online instructor. Either one works-just be sure it includes a grade)
    • Here’s a Little tip—if you see a project or assignment that your student is especially proud of—go ahead and upload it right then so you don’t forget or lose it. Your HST can access it when they need to and you have a place to store and access all those showcase items throughout the year.

Suggested Naming Convention:


Example: Potter_H_WS_LP3_0819