You can personalize the notifications that you receive in the Moodle web app as well as where and when you receive them. This is done by clicking on the notification icon at the top of any Moodle page and clicking the gear icon to manage the settings.

If you want to receive notifications, make sure the Disable notifications box is not checked in the upper left of the settings screen.

For each type of notifications, you can select if you want to receive the notification on the Web app or email. You also have the option of selecting different locations for when you are online or offline.  Simply click the Yes/No option under each setting to change it. There is no need to click SAVE.

Some important notifications to set as ON are:

  • Assignment notifications
  • Activity updated or added
  • Activity graded
  • Course Grade Changed
  • Forum Submission
  • Questionnaire reminder

Here's a video about setting your notifications: