If you are having issues with logging in to Performance Series, first check this information:

  1. Did you enter the site ID: 59-8045-6297?
  2. Your password was sent to you in an email, but is typically your student's first name. Make sure you enter an uppercase first letter.
  3. Your username is your Bridgeway student ID. You will find this on most email correspondence from Bridgeway.

If you are experiencing difficulty in completing the Performance Series testing after logging in, here are some steps to help troubleshoot your issue:

  1. Chrome is the preferred browser for Performance Series, however, if you are experiencing an issue with Chrome, try another browser such as Firefox.
  2. Go directly to Performance series at the URL: http://performanceseries.com 
  3. Make sure the computer you are using meets the Performance Series system requirements outlined here: http://docs.achievementseries.com/docsAchievement/AS_PS_Scan_Station_System_Requirements.pdf
  4. Clear your browser history and cache. Here is a helpful article on how to do that: https://bridgewayacademy.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/43000453814?portalId=43000091670
  5. If you continue to have issues after checking the above, contact Performance Series support.
    1. Phone: 1-800-722-6876
    2. Support Site: https://www.scantron.com/contact/
  6. You can also contact Bridgeway Academy Technical Support at:
    1. Phone: 610-600-9406
    2. Support Site: help.bridgewayacademy.com