The Bridgeway Learning Center provides a snapshot view of each of your student’s courses and includes activity title, the activity grade, a checkmark if the activity has been completed, and the completion date.

To view the progress in the Bridgeway Learning Center, click View Progress from the student dashboard.

When students complete a course in Moodle, the view includes course progress, a current overall course grade and a list of all required activities. In addition, the BLC adds either the grade earned or a completion status as well as the date completed for each activity as your student moves through the course in Moodle. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Not all activities your student encounters in the Moodle course are required for course completion. Only activities that are required or are calculated into a student’s final grade are shown in the Bridgeway Learning Center.

The activity grade show is the total points earned on the quiz. This is not a percentage score out of 100 for all quizzes. To see the total points available for quiz, please look at your Moodle gradebook.


  • NON-MOODLE COURSES: Courses that are not completed in Moodle will not include this detailed activity view. Instead, they will include only the final course grade.
  • COURSE GRADES: The course grade is calculated in Moodle. In some cases, specific activities are weighted more highly than others in the overall grade. This means that the course grade shown in the BLC may not be the average of all graded activities in Moodle.
  • WAITING FOR TEACHER FEEDBACKDepending on the settings on an assignment or activity, you may see the assignment marked as complete without a grade. This is because the grade will not show in BLC nor Moodle until the teacher has graded the assignment.

Moodle Courses that Require Manual Input

Manually Marking Activities Complete

DON’T FORGET TO CHECK THE BOX: If you are enrolled in a course that includes assessments or other activities that you are manually updating to Moodle, it is important that you check the box to mark it complete.

algebra II

Our commitment to personalization means that there are a variety of activity types in a course. Some activities require students to upload their completed assignments for teacher review. Each time you submit that assignment, you must check the box next to the required activity to mark it complete. Once checked, the assignment will feed through to the BLC.

Taking the extra step to mark an assignment complete will ensure the progress on the BLC student dashboard is also marked complete and your course completion percentage is correct.