What is the Elephango Chrome Extension?

The Elephango Chrome extension provides a seamless learning experience that delivers personalized lessons selected just for you.

Elephango grants students (and parents) instant access to personalized learning. Our learning platform leverages the neuroscience of learning to deliver a truly personalized learning experience. This is a must-have extension for all Elephango users who want to have a rich, creative, and seamless experience.

Extension Key Features

  • Discover fun facts and interesting new topics
  • Access to thousands of lessons
  • Choose from over 30 wallpapers
  • Seamless Elephango search
  • Direct links to Elephango pages
  • Links to all Google services
  • Your own personalized shortcuts
  • Integrated Google Safe Search
  • Showcase your achievements and track your personal badges

IMPORTANT - You must have an active Elephango account for this extension to work. If you would like to learn more about Elephango or sign up, please visit www.elephango.com.

How do I install the Elephango Chrome extension?

When signing in to Elephango, you will be prompted to install the Chrome Extension. If you want to continue to Elephango without installing the extension, select Continue to website.