The About Course Page within the printed guide includes some helpful information about how the ELA course is organized and relates to the course materials:  

Each day it is recommended that the student engage in a literature activity as defined directly on the literature page, defined as DAY 1 (shown below), AND engage in a writing activity as defined later in the printed guide, also displayed as DAY 1. The printed guide is separated into TWO sections. The literature study pacing is in the first section and the corresponding writing begins on page 158.  The literature study for EACH book contains approximately 12-15 days. Therefore, the associate course resources in the BLC will show a number of daily activities for those days (1-15).  The writing portion of the guide simply follows pacing from Day 1-149 for Grade 4.

Literature study, DAY 1 printed guide view:

Writing activity, DAY 1 guide view (page 158):

BLC view detailing resources for both the literature study and writing for DAY 1 and 2:

Day 2-3 literature study view for March on Washington:

Each additional literature study will begin pacing on Day 1. Therefore, the associated course resources will also correlate with Day in the BLC. For example:

BLC view:

Writing activities follow pacing from Day 1-149. A view of the printed guide from the writing portion of the guide and corresponding BLC view: