The August update to the Bridgeway Learning Center includes navigational changes to the student and parent experience.

Parent Home

  1. An events calendar has been added to the parent and student view. Open the calendar to view all events and to add events to your own personal calendar.
  2. "My School" has been renamed to "Home."
  3. You can now also access the events calendar through the top menu.
  4. There are now 2 links to access handbooks and orientation. These links open all available handbooks based on your enrollment type.
  5. Tips and Tools link will show a list of resources and tools available to students and parents.

Student Home

Once a student has been selected, parent's view the student home page. Logged in students also see the student home page. 

  1. Switch between students. Only logged in parents see this option.
  2. Switch between enrollments. Parents and students see this. If you have more than one active enrollment you can select which enrollment to display on the dashboard.
  3. Grades and course management. See the gradebook for the selected student. Logged in parents with students enrolled in independent courses (not enrolled) see the option submit change request on this screen.
  4. Upload Center. Choose to upload course materials or to access and upload enrollment forms and documents.
  5. View the parent orientation (parent login only) or relevant handbooks for your enrollment.