If you are enrolled in Bridgeway Academy in one of our Total Care programs, you will have access to grade level refresher content called Jumpstart. This content is delivered in the Elephango platform and each student will have access to all of the content.

To access the Jumpstart content, simply log into the Bridgeway Learning Center as a student with your Microsoft username and password. Depending on the status of your enrollment, you will see a different view.

If your enrollment is still in progress, you will see this interim screen below. To redisplay this screen, click on the ENROLLMENTS tab at the top of the screen. Click on Jumpstart to go directly the Jumpstart Badge page in Elephango. The course will open in a new window.

If your enrollment process has been completed, you will see the Jumpstart button on the sidebar of the dashboard.

Once you are on the Jumpstart page, select the grade level for the content you wish to review.

After selecting your grade level, a list of badges is displayed. Select a badge to see the lessons contained in that badge and to get started.

If you need help troubleshooting an Elephango lesson from within a Jumpstart course, please visit the Elephango Help Center.