If you are enrolled in Bridgeway Academy in one of our Total Care programs, you will have access to grade level refresher courses called JumpStart.

To access your course, simple log in the Bridgeway Learning Center as a student with your Microsoft username and password. Depending on the status of your enrollment, you will see a different view.

If your enrollment is still in progress, you will see this interim screen. Click on Jumpstart to go directly to your jumpstart course. The course will open in a pop-up. To return to this screen, simple click the 'X' to close the pop-up.

If your enrollment has completed the enrollment process, you will see your student dashboard and your Jumpstart course is displayed on the dashboard.

Once you see click on the Jumpstart course, select the unit you wish to review and select the topics you are interested in. You do not need to go through these topics and activities in sequence.