Where can I find my HST login information?

Your login information for the Bridgeway Learning Center was sent in an email when your account(s) was/were registered. Your username is your school email address and you were issued a secure password. Please be aware that you will have the same username, but different passwords, if you are serving students in multiple Bridgeway programs. The login page is https://learn.homeschoolacademy.com/charter

Can I have one account instead of needing one account per program?

Yes! Once you log in with any of your accounts, you will see a dropdown field on the top right to switch programs.

How do I see my students' grades and what they have been working on?

Students’ grades can be viewed in your Bridgeway Learning Center dashboard. Please be aware that you have a different login for each of the Bridgeway programs--if applicable.

I was sent a link and password to the Bridgeway Learning Center, but when I click the view progress button, I don't see anything.

Teachers release content incrementally throughout the year. At the beginning of the year, you will see very little progress and will see that list grow as content is released to students.

How do I know what is expected of my students? 

You can find information about expectations for students in the program handbooks.

Are there pacing guides?

The pacing for live courses is provided on the course platform (Moodle or Blended). Assignments are defined by the teacher based upon Live classes and independent work periods between Live classes.

What are the learning standards by lesson?

Bridgeway does not currently document where standards align to our live lessons.

How do I change sections?

Please contact your school’s ordering team to process any course changes including withdrawals.

504/IEP accommodations requests

Please contact your student’s teacher about any instructional supports or modifications that are needed. Our teachers do not attend IEP or 504 meetings but are highly supportive of ensuring that your student is successful in the course.

How do I get my student roster changed? 

All roster changes must be requested by a parent. The parent should enter a request by submitting a support ticket at help.bridgewayacademy.com.